Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy Little Scrapbook Store

Busy little shoppers have been in and out scooping up the Christmas paper to make cards and goodies for friends and family.  I love to see what people buy and I love that people want to share their ideas for projects.  Hearing about people's craftiness makes me excited!  Why I love this job... I like to craft too, but I like even more that my shop can inspire people to make wonderful things.  With help from Meg making great scrapbook layout designs and myself making gift bags, wreaths, and Christmas tree ornaments, people come in and say "what a great idea and I want to do that" :) 

Between the classes, crops, and shoppers I try to find time to keep up with my school work.  The end of the semester is upon me and on my two days off tomorrow and Tuesday, I will be writing two 5 page papers to finish up my classes.  Looking forward to the winter break before classes start in January that are going to be quick paced 7 weeks courses.  I will enjoy the time off for now :)  I have been late getting out the newsletter this month because of the timing of the end of the semester, but it will be done and emailed very soon! :)

We finally were able to decorate our Christmas tree after it had been in the stand for a week so I wanted to share some pictures :)  We have a wonderful collection of old and new ornaments.  I'd love to add my paper ornaments to it but I think they look great on display in the store! 

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