Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Collins Group Trade Show, Framingham MA

My husband and I just returned from The Collins Group Trade Show.  It isn't like CHA - there are no fancy booths and it is really small, but a lot of fun.  Great things sometimes come in small packages :)  I got lots of ideas for classes and also lots of ideas for birthday parties.  I hope to finish all my collecting and putting together of birthday parties by May.  I also saw lots of merchandise.  Most of it you have probably already seen as these are products that were showcased at CHA, but it was nice to see things in person.  Sometimes you look at them in a catalog and just can't picture what you can do with it until you touch it and then all of these ideas pop into your head!  One of my favorite companies was Canvas Corp - They are now coming out with paper lines and I got to see the Halloween line they will be offering - ADORABLE!  They don't  have all the fancy embellishments but they offer burlap and canvas that is super fun to work with! Also loving Luminart watercolors.  Can't wait to play with that!  Looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday afternoon 

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  1. Burlap and Canvas sounds like fun. I've never worked with those. Glad you had fun and can't wait till you show us your ideas. I bet your mind was going a mile a minute and had a bunch of ideas before you even left there.