Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Expansion Day 1 & 2

It is coming along pretty quickly in our scrapbook shop.  We are going to be closed again tomorrow so we can finish up the painting.  I wanted to share the progress with all of you:

 Couldn't wait to get rid of the purple!  I like purple, but never been a fan of it on walls

We painted a base coat of a darker yellow, then covered it with this creamy yellow - love!

Painted to where the crop room/workshop space will begin

Crop/Workshop Room color - blue

Purple is almost gone!!!!

No more purple! :)

Oooo I love it - I find it so calming - An image will be painted on the large blue wall to the right
There will also be a half wall between the retail space and crop space - Still have the back room and bathroom to paint and fix up - new toilet and sink vanity!
Hope you can all see scrapping happening here!  I can't wait to have permanent workshop space!


  1. Laura, I Love it!!! The colors are perfect!!!
    You guys are cranking right along!!!

  2. thanks girls! I feel like if it wasn't a scrapbook shop it could be a yoga studio or a spa ;)