Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Final Stages

 The move in process begins....
 Figuring out what will look best where....
 Awww the old Paper! Paper!
 All set up!

Can't wait to see you all here!  Thanks for being such wonderful customers.  I never imagined expanding and even after I knew about the extra space being available, it took me months to make that big decision.  It was the best decision!  It is open, airy, light, and cozy!
We are looking forward to hosting!


  1. So happy for you. I can't wait until Friday's crop. Congratulations, the place looks great.

  2. Oh, it looks beautiful!
    And a quick question: do you think you'll be getting in the Echo Park "For the Record" collection?

  3. Hi Mrs. Darcy - I missed your post here. I hope you saw my post above that For The Record will be coming in Friday!

  4. The stickers that go with the line - element and alpha will be sent shortly but they are backordered - he said they should be arriving soon to the warehouse