Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paper Wreaths

I have been wanting to make more paper wreaths but just haven't had the time.  When school is over in March I will have alot more time on my hands to craft.  So until then, here is some inspiration that I would like to share with all of you:
(These ideas were all featured on Scrapbook Etc.'s website)

Cover with Loose Paper Curls
Design by Maria Charbonneaux
Instead of adhering tightly wrapped paper curls to your wreath, hot-glue one end of the strip to your wreath and pull the other end of the strip out to form a loose curl. (Wrap your paper strips around a pencil to get these great curls).

Create a Color-Block Design
Design by Ashley McGraw
For a striking effect, group strips of patterned paper by color, and design the wreath in sections.

Try an Artsy Design
Design by Meredith Jinks
Weave curled strips of patterned paper and ribbon around the wreath, adhering the loops with hot glue. Add buttons to the tops of paper loops for a simple accent.

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