Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bella Blvd Finally Fall

I like to create a layout with each new collection that comes in the shop to put on display.  I couldn't wait to play with Bella Blvd Finally Fall.... love the colors, the patterns, and the chipboard!  Years ago we went to eat at this fabulous place on the Mohawk Trail to have pancakes drizzled with their own syrup.  Delish!  Afterwards we played with the camera a bit and captured some wonderful photos of my friend's daughter. 

This was taken with my webcam (I can't seem to find the camera... I know... tragedy) so it isn't the greatest quality...

Now if it just felt like Fall that would be great!  New England has been experiencing some hot muggy weather! 


  1. Oh my GOD! Rosie and me and Krissy! LOVE you and LOVE the paper!! 'Can't wait to come in and buy some :)

  2. super cute LO!! new follower came from Linkedn~cm