Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Business - Why I Keep Going

Owning a small business is difficult.  I don't tell anyone any different when they ask.  You have to have a lot of drive, determination, and be able to accept all the things that come with it.  You have to be a roll with the punches sort of person but also must be focused on your customers, the business, and your community.  You must love change and be willing to change often.  You must be able to accept that this is your life and 90% of the time it is your WHOLE life.  You must be willing to work and work long hours.  It is also important to realize that any time you start a business doing what you love (for me, paper crafting) you will have almost zero time to continue doing this.  Having a love for business as well as the hobby is so important. 

So why do I keep doing this? Because I love pretty paper?  Well, yes, but....there is a lot more to it than that....

Because it is rewarding.  Seeing customers eyes light up when they first enter this shop is delightful.  Watching people create wonderful items at crops makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Hearing the wonderful things they have to say about the product and the shop is fantastic.  Purchasing as much as I possibly can from companies who have their paper and embellishments Made in the USA... awesome!  Customers often bring in the items they have been working on to show me.... WOW!  that is priceless.  People feeling as though they can share their memories with me and how they created them is amazing. 

I also love the other side of it all (which is a must)  What can we do to make this business keep running and remain in our community?  How do we spread the word that we're here (our customers help so much with this!)  What other fun and exciting things can we add or do to get people excited?  (love this too!)  How can we change to make things better?  Change being the key word .....

In conclusion.... our customers are AWESOME

                         running a business is a roller coaster... so you must learn to keep your chin up... put your hands up and scream when you're going down the hills but laugh hysterically and screech with joy when going back up again :)  It is a ride you will never forget!  Enjoy every moment, good and bad, because it is all part of the experience!

                        if you want to keep doing what you love to do, don't make it your business.  if you don't mind giving it up while you create a place for other people to enjoy it, then hold your nose and take the plunge!  Just remember to come up for air once in a while (that's the 10% of the time you aren't working on the business) :)

Happy Crafting!